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Lost in translation

Google will acquire Global IP Solutions for video and voice, Amazon preps Kindle for Android, and how to tell if a tweet is sarcastic.

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My sister is a big fan of saying something unbelievably mean, followed by an immediate "Just kidding!" Sometimes the "Just kidding" doesn't come quickly enough. If I had the sarcasm algorithm built into my brain, it might really improve my sibling relationship.

It is funny how much meaning gets lost in translation on the Internet, especially when it comes to humor or levity. I was behind the idea of the SarcMarc, a new form of punctuation that conveys sarcasm. I just don't think people will upgrade their keyboard to use it.

It all makes me wonder: If the Internet becomes our de facto form of communication, will we adapt to digital humor or will we need technologies such as these to point out when we should and should not get our feelings hurt?

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