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'Lord of the Rings' dwarven beard, helm forged from yarn

The realm of Middle-earth collides with the human realm of crafting to create a crocheted helm and beard that will strike fear into the hearts of orcs everywhere.

Gimli helm and beard
You could hide the One Ring in that beard.

With "The Hobbit" going nuts at the box office, it's time to turn our eyes toward "Lord of the Rings" cosplay. The dwarf costumes are perhaps some of the most challenging. Not only are there a ton of dwarves to choose from, but you have both armor and excessive facial hair to deal with.

One clever crafter figured out how to handle the dwarf dilemma by harnessing the ancient and terrible power of crochet. Deviantartist SadDaysCrochet fashioned a dwarven helm and beard out of yarn.

The helm and beard are based on Gimli from "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. They were created as a geektastic gift for SadDaysCrochet's lucky brother.

The crocheted version is much more comfortable than a real helm. A fleece interior keeps the wearer snug and cozy. The beard, held on by snaps, is removable, just in case the wearer feels like having an instant shave. Now all we need is a knitted Gimli ax. If SadDaysCrochet is taking suggestions, I would also have to beg for a Gandalf the Grey hat and beard combo.

(Via Technabob)