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LookFor, the 'world's dumbest app,' is actually pretty smart

LookFor's creator jokes that his simple new app is kind of dumb, but it could actually help you find the people you're looking for in a crowd.

One of the hazards of going to big events like concerts and festivals is the possibility of losing contact with friends and family in the massive crowd. An extremely simple app that launched on iOS and Android on Tuesday makes finding your companions in an endless sea of people easier.

The app is called LookFor, and its creator Logan Riley lovingly calls it the "world's dumbest app." That description is actually pretty fitting, it turns out. LookFor basically just turns the screen of your iPhone or Android device into a blinking colored light, so you can hold it up above your head, thus helping your friends spot you more easily. You can choose from one of six colors, and as long as you and your friends know one another's color choices, it should be fairly easy to spot each other in reasonably sized crowds.

LookFor is incredibly simple, but it's also pretty smart. While several other solutions come to mind -- for example, calling, texting or holding up a phone with the flashlight feature enabled -- big events are often too noisy for people to notice when they're being called or texted, and if more than one group has the brilliant idea to use their phone's flashlight, that functionality is pretty useless. With six different color options, LookFor users are less likely to have a different group using the same app and color combination, making it easier to find whomever you're looking for, especially if you've arranged a general meeting location.

The app won't be perfect in all situations, of course. LookFor becomes less useful at larger venues where you might not be able to see the other people in your party, and is therefore more appropriate for small to midsize events. Similarly, if you're on the shorter side, you may have a tough time lifting your phone high enough or seeing a phone held overhead, especially if you don't have the power to, you know, see through heads. Finally, if the app becomes widely used, you might end up with a different group of friends who happen to be at the same event and chose the same color as you. So it's not a catch-all solution for all possible events.

The LookFor app on iOS and Android costs 99 cents for an endless supply of flashing colored lights.

The LookFor app lets you choose from one of six colors, then turns your phone into a blinking light so your friends and family can find you in crowded spaces. Anthony Domanico/CNET