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Look like Marge Simpson with new MAC Cosmetics line

Crave writer Bonnie Burton channels her inner Marge with a makeover using quirky new Springfield-style shadows, blushes, lip glosses, and fake lashes.

Add some Simpsons magic to your beauty regime. MAC

Blue-haired, yellow-skinned cartoon wife Marge Simpson may not be the epitome of mainstream beauty, but women everywhere can (sort of) look like the most patient spouse in animated history with MAC Cosmetics' latest geek-inspired makeup line.

Fans attending San Diego Comic-Con got a sneak peek at the line, as well as Marge Simpson makeovers. Models showed up as Marge, complete with blue beehive wigs, giant red necklaces, neon green strapless dresses, and yellow skin.

The 10-piece MAC Cosmetics line includes blush and bold-colored eye shadows, lip glosses, and face powder, as well as false eyelashes and nail wraps.

"It's not about using every crayon in the box," John Stapleton, senior makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics, told Crave. "Choose a couple to add to your normal neutrals. Like surprisingly, the Nacho Cheese yellow gloss with a peach or pink pencil looks like honey on the lips. Stunning."

Bold color eyeshadows aren't just for animated characters anymore. Bonnie Burton/CNET

Marge Simpson may not be considered a fashion icon, but she does have her own sense of style, which Stapleton believes translates well to the playful line.

"Marge is the neighbor and mother we all know who is filled with good sensible advice and has a strong sense of herself," Stapleton told Crave. "She's not too fussy, but always pulled together. She's familiar, so you want to be casual with her, but she's strict enough that you want to be sure she understands you respect her. The color story is a given -- and who doesn't love a bit of conversation being pulled out of their purse after lunch while they're putting their lips back on?"

D'oh! Crave writer Bonnie Burton gets Marge Simpson-style false eyelashes. Seth Rosenblatt/CNET

The Marge MAC line is an improvement over the haphazard make-up gun that Homer Simpson invented for women who only have "four fifths of a second to get ready" and that Marge called "every woman's nightmare."

While attending San Diego Comic-Con, I got my own Marge makeover from Stapleton, who let me sample a variety of the eye shadows, face powder, and blush. I was especially impressed with the fake eyelashes that went on easily. While the makeup didn't make me feel like a patient wife and mother, it did add a bit of Springfield glamour to my usual boring makeup routine.

"I'm hoping in 25 years Lisa Simpson will finally be a teenager and we can work on her make-up line," Stapleton said.

The Marge Simpson collection will be available online on August 28 and in stores on September 4.

Bonnie Burton post-makeover with John Stapleton, senior makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics. Shawn Burns