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This Loki's Staff from 'The Avengers' will strike fear into Hulk dolls everywhere

The "Man At Arms: Reforged" team makes their own Chitauri scepter, aka Loki's Staff, with metal and blue glass.

Own Loki's staff without having to battle an Avenger for it. Marvel

You don't have to be Asgardian prince to get your hands on the Chitauri Scepter used by the trickster god Loki as a staff in "The Avengers." If you have the right materials and a blacksmith-worthy workshop, you can build your own copy of the powerful alien artifact.

In the latest video from "Man at Arms: Reforged," we see Matt Stagmer and Kerry Stagmer of Baltimore Knife & Sword -- and their team of talented blacksmiths -- construct a lookalike of the mesmerizing weapon from scratch, step by step.

While making the staff, the team even uses a Norse hammer in the building process. Though instead of finding a blue gem, the team melts down blue glass they found at a Goodwill store.

After Loki's Staff is constructed and assembled, the team has some fun destroying everything from a Spider-Man piñata to an Iron Man mask in their final demo of the weapon. Even a poor Hulk toy gets demolished by the ultrasharp blade...Puny Hulk!