Logitech's new gaming hardware

Some improvements but still a little pricey.

Darius Chang

When we reviewed the original G15 gaming keyboard early last year, we were quite impressed with the vast array of programmable buttons and the innovative LCD GamePanel. However, we had doubts on the usefulness of the latter as it required gaming titles to write code to use the GamePanel.

Crave Asia

The new G15 gaming keyboard did away with the flip panel and embeds the display above the keys instead. Otherwise, gaming support has increased and now World of WarCraft, Battlefield 2142 and Quake Wars are able to utilize the panel for vital stats. Frankly, at S$169 (US$111.01), it's still a little pricey if only three mainstream games makes use of this feature. It will be available in Asia come mid-October.

At the same time, Logitech has announced the arrival of the G9 Laser Mouse. As a gaming mouse, it has all the usual features we expect such as on-the-fly resolution adjustment, weight cartridge, LED indicators and 3,200dpi sensor. What's special? The interchangeable top cover and MicroGear Precision scroll wheel. There are two covers bundled with the mouse: A conventional smooth material and a rough-textured grip which can be changed easily with a press of a button. The MicroGear Precision scroll wheel switches between normal click-to-click and free wheeling modes to make scrolling documents faster. It is already in stores and goes for a rather hefty S$169 (US$111.01).

(Source: Crave Asia)