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Logitech's disappearing dongle

Wireless mouse has USB key that doesn't need to be removed.


If Logitech is stocking its vending machines with free cans of Red Bull, we wouldn't be surprised. Especially in the hallways of its mouse division.

Only days after debuting its "MX Air Mouse," the company is reportedly preparing to release a successor to its highly regarded "VX Revolution" laser mouse. The "VX Nano" is wireless and meant for laptops, like its predecessor, but there's a noticeable difference: The new version's USB dongle is tiny--so small, Pocket-lint says, that it doesn't even need to be removed from its port when the notebook is stowed away.

That may come as welcome news to road warriors who don't have Bluetooth-equipped computers but still want a wireless mouse. As anyone in this category knows, USB dongles typically stick out like the proverbial sore thumb, making for them precarious appendages especially for the klutzes among us. The downside is the price, which will list for 50 pounds (about $103) when it goes on the U.K. market this year; that's even more than the cost of its predecessor, which was already considered pricey at $79. (The Revolution now lists for $70.) Still, it's a lot cheaper than getting a new computer just for a Bluetooth connection.