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Logitech's answer to BlueTrack mice: Darkfield

Logitech announces Darkfield laser sensor for two new mice.

Apparently unhappy with falling behind in the input arms race, Logitech announced its response to Microsoft's BlueTrack mouse sensor technology this morning by way of two new mice bearing its new Darkfield laser. Unlike traditional laser sensors, or even BlueTrack, Darkfield will track on pretty much everything, up to and including nonmirrored glass.

Logitech's Performance Mouse MX Logitech

The desktop-size Darkfield product is the Logitech Performance Mouse MX. Retailing for $99.99, the Performance Mouse MX replaces the MX 1100 Cordless as Logitech's new flagship desktop mouse. You get the usual array of high-end mouse features with the Performance Mouse MX, including rechargeable batteries, wireless operation, and Logitech's adjustable fast scroll wheel design. It also has the standard pair of forward and back buttons on the left side, as well as Logitech's extra-comfortable sculpt.

We haven't used the mouse long enough to write a full review, but our initial hands-on suggests that Darkfield is the real thing. We tried the mouse on a pane of glass and experienced no discernible jitter or precision loss, at least in our initial Web navigation test. We were also glad to see that Logitech extended its new Unifying USB microreceiver to the Performance Mouse MX. The Unifying receiver, which debuted last month, is not only small, but it also lets you link up with other Logitech wireless devices in its Unified product family.

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX Logitech

Alongside the desktop model, Logitech also announced the Anywhere Mouse MX. Essentially a compact version of the Performance Mouse MX, the smaller version will sell for $79.99, and has both the Darkfield laser and the Unified USB microreceiver.

We have both new Logitech mice in-house, as well as Microsoft's BlueTrack Explorer Mouse, and a handful of sample surfaces on which to compare them all. Check back soon for the full reviews.