Logitech wireless guitar puts the cool into pretending to be cool

Logitech announces wireless guitar for <i>Guitar Hero</i>.

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We've all been there. You walk into your buddy's place, ready to rock the house in a little Guitar Hero, only you're carrying some old and busted POS that's seen way too many sessions and is probably being held together by superglue and duct tape.

After wiping the tears from your eyes from all your buddies laughing hysterically, it's finally your turn to jam. Only now, your gaming impotence strikes and this time you're laughed right out of the house.

For $250 and two AA batteries--which will supposedly last you "hundreds of hours"--you'll never have to go through such a traumatic experience again. On Thursday, Logitech announced its new wireless guitar for Guitar Hero for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2. Also, it's compatible with all Guitar Hero games, including Guitar Hero World Tour.

Hot sex on a platter... Logitech

Called the Wireless Guitar Controller Premiere Edition, the guitar--which will be available in December--features a wooden neck, metal frets, metal tuning peg handles, and a rosewood fingerboard. Now, this means absolutely nothing to me as I know absolutely nothing about guitars, but man is this thing sexy-looking. It also offers a one-piece contoured shape that, according to Logitech, is the preferred design by many of the world's leading rock guitarists (the real kind, I think).

The one thing I hate about Guitar Hero--other than the fact that it's the one game my girlfriend has no problem consistently beating me at--is the plastic-y sounds the buttons make. It just kind of diminishes the cool factor of pretending to be cool.

The Logitech wireless guitar attempts to alleviate this problem by using rubber dome technology on the fret board controls. The controller also implements a touch-sensitive neck slider, purportedly located so strumming is not always necessary to rack up points. According to Logitech, the neck slider can be used in Guitar Hero World Tour's new Music Studio to create an even wider array of sounds.

The guitar user 2.4GHz wireless technology and, according to Logitech, provides up to 30 feet of range from the console. To top it off, they also include a "gig bag" to carry your new baby around in. The bag also includes pocket space for your game discs and wireless receivers.

Now, owning this doesn't mean you won't still suck; however, confidence goes a long way when it comes to performing. So I hope that your gaming impotence will be a thing of the past.