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Logitech unleashes Pure-Fi Mobile Bluetooth speakers

In addition to its built-in rechargeable battery and wireless A2DP connectivity, the Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile portable speaker also doubles as a speakerphone for compatible Bluetooth phones.

Logitech Bluetooth Pure-Fi Mobile
The Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile: Bluetooth speaker with rechargeable battery Logitech

As it's moved beyond PC speaker systems, Logitech has produced some of the better "cheap but good" iPod speakers we've seen in recent years. And now the company is adding a portable Bluetooth speaker to its lineup. The Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile boasts four 2-inch speaker drivers--two active, two passive--and a rechargeable battery that (according to Logitech) will deliver 12 hours of AC-free playback time. In addition to supporting wireless streaming from A2DP-enabled audio players, the Pure-Fi Mobile can double as a standard Bluetooth speakerphone. If wireless isn't your thing, the speaker can also accept any stereo audio source via its auxiliary line-in jack. And to round things out, it can double as a PC speaker via the USB port, which can also be used to recharge it. To complete its travel-ready pedigree, Logitech also throws in a soft carrying case.

Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile in carrying case
The Pure-Fi Mobile includes a carrying case. Logitech

We've seen plenty of stationary and portable Bluetooth speaker systems before, but the Logitech looks to be a good mix of design and features. As always, we can't make a judgment on the sound quality until we get some hands-on time, but we're hoping the Pure-Fi Mobile sounds at least as good as its iPod speaker cousin, the Pure-Fi Anywhere. Look for it to hit stores in June for $150.

Read: Logitech (press release | product page) via Engadget