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Logitech loves your laptop

Logitech loves your laptop

Dan Ackerman Editorial Director / Computers and Gaming
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Dan Ackerman
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Logitech Alto Express

The gang at accessories powerhouse Logitech have been hard at work devising a slate of new products for your laptop. The most interesting of these--all being officially announced today--are a couple of laptop cases and laptop stands.

If the ubiquity of a laptop stand has eluded you, you clearly have not spent enough time trying to work on a laptop in a standard office environment, staring at a screen below eye level and trying to work a flat keyboard all day long.

Logitech AltoConnect

Logitech's new Alto Express ($29.99) is a simple curved piece of plastic, but it raises your laptop to a more ergonomically correct angle, and includes a gentle scoped-out back for better airflow--very important for proper cooling.

For a more portable take on a laptop stand, the AltoConnect ($79.99) has two plastic legs that fit together in an "X" pattern, but can be taken apart for easy transit. It also includes a four-port USB hub, but even folded up, the AltoConnect seemed a little big for our laptop case. The Alto Express will be available in July and the AltoConnect in September.

Logitech Kinetik Backpack

When not perched in an ergonomically correct laptop stand, your portable computer may want to hang out in one of Logitech's two new laptop cases--the Kinetik 15.4 Backpack and the Kinetik 15.4 Briefcase are both generously sized and generously padded cases for 15-inch or smaller laptops (or a 17-inch MacBook).

Both are on the bulky side, with a stiff "exo-shell" casing, as Logitech calls it, and a contoured back panel. The backpack and briefcase are both $99.99 and should be available in September.