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Logitech keyboard lights up the night

The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard features tiny "embedded microlens reflectors" underneath each key that help night owls, boogey monsters, and vampires make the most efficient use of their computer while they're out of the sun.

Night owls, boogey monsters, and vampires rejoice: the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is here to help you work in darkness, away from the harsh light of the sun. The underside of each key houses a tiny microlight that emits a soft blue glow in low-light conditions, effectively letting you work in the dead of night.

Like the Logitech diNovo Edge, the Illuminated Keyboard incorporates Perfect Stroke to help you type faster and more accurately. The system allows for a wide 3.2mm stretch spanning each letter and an even amount of vertical depression across the the flat of the keys, so your hands feel slightly stretched out when you position them on the home letters.

We actually typed faster using this keyboard thanks to the lightweight keys and the angled wrist rest that gently positions your hands on the padded base.

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