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Logitech announces weight-tunable successor to G5 and behind-the-head gaming headset

Today Logitech announced two new PC gaming accessories including a successor to the G5 Laser Mouse and a behind-the-head gaming headset.


On Thursday, Logitech announced two new PC gaming accessories, a successor to the G5 Laser Mouse and a behind-the-head gaming headset.

The G500 Gaming Mouse refreshes the current G5 Laser Mouse with improved sensitivity and a new design. The mouse will also come with up to 27 grams of weight that you can add on to tune the overall feel of the device. How's that for customization?

The mouse's onboard memory also allows you to switch from game to game without having to remap a button scheme. Better yet, this feature doesn't require any software installation (though you'll need to install if you want to change various sensitivity settings).

Expect to see the G500 in stores September for $70.


Also announced Thursday is the G330 Gaming Headset, which the company claims is the first-ever behind-the-head headphone of its kind. The design aims to reduce pressure points on your head, a major complaint of PC gamers across the board.

Attached is also a noise-canceling boom mic with in-line audio controls for volume and microphone mute. The headset can also attach to your PC via 3.5 millimeter jacks or an included USB adapter.

Look for the G330 this month for $50.

Make sure to check CNET Reviews for write-ups on both of these gaming accessories in the coming weeks.