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'Logan' Wolverine trailer full of weariness and beards

Step into a future X-Men world where mutants are fading, the heroes have gray-streaked beards and the soundtrack is a soul-stirring Johnny Cash song.

Wolverine is coming back and he sure looks tired. The opening strains of Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails' aching song "Hurt" is the first clue that this isn't going to be a typical X-Men movie. The official trailer for "Logan" skips the mutant-powered special effects and embraces a sense of weariness.

Wolverine, played once again by Hugh Jackman, looks more like "The Most Interesting Man in the World" on an off day than a skin-tight-battle-suit-wearing superhero. We're in a future world where mutants are fading from the scene. Professor X (Patrick Stewart) appears weak and sick and sports a scraggly beard.

The plot revolves around a young girl, but the trailer reveals very few details. Professor X tells Wolverine, "She's like you. Very much like you. She needs our help."

This "Logan" trailer shows off a dark, contemplative approach to superhero drama. We still see Wolverine flying through the air, claws exposed, but the glimpses of action play second fiddle to internal turmoil and the quest to aid a young woman. "Logan" is due in theaters in March.