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'Logan' is rated R for real talk (and violence)

But, y'know, mainly the violence.

Marvel and 20th Century Fox proved last year with "Deadpool" that comic book flicks can be R-rated and still make lots and lots of money. Now upcoming Wolverine film "Logan" has set its sights on the same goal.

James Mangold, the movie's director, announced on Twitter that the mutant's latest adventure isn't for kids. It'll contain "strong brutal violence and language," as well as "brief nudity," he warned.

Hitting cinemas on March 3, "Logan" will be the last time Hugh Jackman lets his Adamantium claws out to play Wolverine. The R rating is a success of sorts -- the film was shot with an R rating in mind and Jackman took a pay cut to allow for more gratuitous action.

Both "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and "The Wolverine" were rated PG-13.

The idea that an R rating leads to a small audience may be outdated though, and Jackman's sacrifice could very well prove a solid investment. Last year's raunchy "Deadpool" made over $780 million at the global box office. That's around the same amount as the combined takings from the first two Wolverine films. So maybe swearing really is big and clever after all.

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