Logan Paul Has Just Signed With the WWE

The crazy part: Logan Paul is pretty good at wrestling.

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logan paul holding a contract with triple h and stephanie mcmahon

Logan Paul's latest stunt: Signing with WWE.


After a shockingly good performance at Wrestlemania 38, Logan Paul, at age 27, has now officially signed with the WWE. 

Paul announced the news via Twitter.

WWE regularly uses celebrities in one-off matches, particularly at major event like Wrestlemania. We've seen folks as wide ranging as Donald Trump and Floyd Mayweather. The very first Wrestlemania was headlined by Mr. T. But even the most hard-nosed wrestling fans were quick to admit that Logan Paul was a little bit different.

Unlike other celebrities, Logan Paul was excellent in the squared circle. He arrived wearing his wrestling get up and a $900,000 Pokemon card and stole the show.

He's also probably the most natural heel I've ever seen in my life.

"I think it's safe to say Logan Paul shocked the world with his abilities as a guest at WrestleMania," said Paul Levesque, former wrestler and now EVP at WWE, "just imagine what he'll do as a WWE Superstar."

Logan Paul, one of the most popular social media stars on the planet, was notoriously involved in boxing, alongside his brother Jake Paul. He fought Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition back in June 2021

Details on the deal are scant, but it runs through to 2023. It's unlikely that Paul will go on the road regularly like normal WWE stars but we can at least expect to see him compete at selective events, most likely culminating in another major match at an upcoming WrestleMania.