Log toggling speeds up Cloud Antivirus

Panda's new Cloud Antivirus beta doesn't interfere much with your computer's regular tasks, but it ran slower than expected. There is a solution, but it's not risk-free.

By pushing as much resource usage as possible into the clouds, Panda Security's new Cloud Antivirus aims to free up the RAM hogging that plagues many security programs. However, testing the new beta revealed slower-than-anticipated scan speeds when doing an on-demand full hard drive scan. Panda's got a solution that might help some users: turn off logging while running the scan.

Cloud Antivirus splits the usual scanning process into three separate processes. The OnAccess Scan detects executing threats, the OnPrefetch Scan detects non-executing threats that are likely to run in the future, and the OnBackground Scan checks all local files when the computer is idle. Because of the way that the scans utilize idle CPU time, the background scan could still be logging when you start an on-demand scan.

The solution is to deactivate the logging feature when you're running a heavy-duty, system-wide scan. This is risky if you forget to turn it back on after you're done, and highlights the lack of advanced options available through the interface. "It's something we're aware of and still fine-tuning," said Pedro Bustamante, senior research adviser at Panda Security, in an e-mail.

Deactivating the advanced logging works, although users shouldn't expect dramatic changes. Scan times increased from 45 percent completed in 30 minutes to 45 percent done in 25 minutes. To toggle the log, download the two Registry keys found at the top of this blog post. Double-click on LoggingOff.reg and reboot your computer to turn off the log, then when you're finished double-click on LoggingOn.reg and reboot to re-activate it. I strongly recommend reading the entire post, though. Bustamante has included a lot of information on how Cloud Antivirus works. The known problems blog post is also worth looking at.

If you do try this Registry tweak out, post your results in the comments below.