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See a huge lizard hitch a ride on a chill dog's back

A very big lizard jumped aboard a patient pup during a foiled plot to steal chicken eggs.

If it weren't for Australia, the world would be deprived of many fascinating and bizarre animal behavior stories. We now depart from the usual snake capers with the story of a goanna lizard and a patient dog.

Goannas are a type of monitor lizard that like to eat other lizards, birds and eggs. A goanna went after the eggs of chickens owned by Bev Stefanidakis in Queensland, but her pet dog Bella had other ideas.

Bella chased after the naughty lizard, which responded by jumping on the dog's back. Noting how calm Bella was about the situation, Stefanidakis decided to film the caper and put it on YouTube on Tuesday. The goanna does its best impersonation of a backwards-riding cowboy while Bella barely seems to notice it.

Stefanidakis told 9News the goanna hung on for about 10 minutes. She unsuccessfully tried to push it off the dog's back with a stick. It finally left when Bella sat down. The lizard then took the opportunity to run away.

The goanna situation joins a long lineup of recent oddball animal-related events, including the discovery of an elk in a basement in the US, a plague of chocoloate-stealing squirrels in Canada and the surprise appearance of a stowaway snake popping out of a car hood in the middle of a commute in Australia.

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