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Livescribe ready to ink January launch

The digital pen, which was originally slated to be available this year, is now slated for release at Demo in January. The company also issues more technical details on the product.

Livescribe said Thursday that it will launch its digital pen at January's Demo trade show, with plans to ship the product "soon after."

The company, which unveiled its digital pen plans in May, had hoped to ship the product for this holiday season, but was forced to delay its plans, as first noted by CNET back in August.

A prototype seen earlier this year CNET Networks

Livescribe is one of a handful of companies hoping there is still some ink in the well when it comes to the notion of pen computing.

Hoping to keep the buzz going until the product itself is ready, the company launched a new blog, posted additional technical details and kicked off a contest in which it is giving away two of its devices a day, with the promise that winners will get their pen before the product is generally available.

It also started taking "pre-orders" on the site, although the company still hasn't revealed exact pricing, so "pre-ordering" is merely offering up you name, e-mail and how many pens you are interested in purchasing. You'll get a note back thanking you for your interest.

"When it gets closer to the ship date, we will provide more details and contact you at at this e-mail take credit card information for early delivery," according to the e-mail I received. Livescribe reiterated on its site that the pen will sell for "under $200."