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Live Always On viewing party, Tuesday June 19: Join us!

Always On launches Tuesday, and every new episode will feature a live chat party with Molly Wood and whoever else shows up. Join us for the first one this week, and every week thereafter!

Each Tuesday, the newest episode of "Always On" will premiere at 11 a.m. Pacific time, 2 p.m. Eastern, with a live viewing party on the show page. I'll be there with pre-show and post-show commentary on video, and we can watch the first episode together in chat on the page. I'll give behind-the-scenes insights, if I have them, or we can groan at my bad jokes together, or you can give me make-up tips...whatever seems appropriate.

Over the years of doing Buzz Out Loud, I realized that the chat room was one of the best parts of the show: live feedback, suggestions, comments, bonding...it made the show better and more fun every week, and I really want to keep that tradition going with "Always On."

Of course, your suggestions might take slightly longer to incorporate than they did with Buzz Out Loud (so much for real-time corrections!), but rest assured, I'll be listening, and I hope you'll join me for the live chat! The one major chat change is that we can only do chat on the show page--it won't be tied to the old #cnetfans chat room we grew to love during the BOL days. That, I hear, is the result of technical and design issues (but I'm hoping to find a workaround, if at all possible). I'll keep you posted.

Image: The video podcast is ready to go ... what are you waiting for?
The video podcast is ready to go...what are you waiting for?

Aside from that, the show will, of course, be available on-demand in a million different ways. You can get complete episodes on the show page or on YouTube, Livestream, TiVo, Roku, GoogleTV, and Samsung Smart TVs. It's available as a video podcast on iTunes and everywhere else you subscribe to podcasts, and of course you can also get it on CNET's Android and iOS mobile apps.

Plus, on top of all that, you can watch individual clips of the show on the show page, or find them scattered around CNET -- on product pages, CNET News pages, editors' blogs, and more. Dozens of ways to watch, and I hope you will. And I hope to see you tomorrow in the chat room for the very first episode! I can't wait!