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Little room for error

A small Seattle company is overwhelmed by queries for its $299 PC, but at that price profitability must depend on strategic subsidies.

Microworkz, a small Seattle-based company, is overwhelmed by queries for its $299 desktop computer bundled with a year's worth of unlimited Internet access. But observers question whether the company, and even the industry in general, can sustain a business plan dependent on loss leaders and strategic subsidies.

Microworkz swamped by cheap PC queries
Microworkz drowns in a flood of inquiries for its $299 PC with a year's worth of free Net access as analysts question whether the PC maker can actually make money from the deal.

Seattle firm offering $299 PCs
update | news analysis The free PC dream takes another step forward today but observers question whether the industry is stepping over the bleeding edge.

Seattle firm offering $299 PCs
update Microworkz lowers the PC price bar with a box that sells for less than $300.

Price drops, Net transforming PC industry
Companies are taking radical steps to survive the relentless declines in computer prices and to adapt to the brave new world of e-commerce and the Internet.