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Little Psy makes stylish appearance at LG's G Cafe

CNET Asia chats with the 9-year-old who's best known for showing off his dance moves in the hit "Gangnam Style" music video.

Little Psy strikes a pose with his LG Optimus G. Jacqueline Seng/CNET Asia

Remember the little boy busting a move next to Psy in the hit single "Gangnam Style"? Known affectionately as Little Psy, the 9-year-old made his way to Singapore to appear at the newly opened LG G Cafe.

Little Psy, whose real name is Hwang Min-Woo, was posing with the LG Optimus G during our interview (he recently switched over to the flagship smartphone). When asked what he thought set him apart from Psy, he said, "I'm cuter and better-looking."

LG does seem to love little Min-Woo. After unveiling a commercial featuring the pint-size dancer, the Korean chaebol has flown him in specially for a guest appearance at its G Cafe. The pop-up store allows customers to explore the features of the LG Optimus G while nursing a cup of free coffee.

Located along the Orchard Road shopping belt outside Wisma Atria, the concept cafe will remain open until March 8.

For more sound bites from Little Psy's interview, look for CNET Asia's Tech Buzz episode later this week. However, if you want to catch Little Psy in person and happen to be in Singapore, he'll be performing outside the G Cafe tomorrow at 7 p.m.

(Source: Crave Asia)