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Little Ghostbuster gets a sweet Ecto-1 push car

Halloween is coming and one young boy in particular ain't afraid of no ghosts thanks to his parents' "Ghostbusters" costume creations.

Cooper and Ecto-1
Ghostbusters: the next generation.

Get ready to envy the heck out of this. The same cool geek parents who brought us this classic Marty McFly and push-car DeLorean last year are the proud sponsors of a Ghostbusters-themed costume and car for Halloween 2013.

Cooper, who has definitely gotten bigger since the last time we saw him, is trading out his red McFly vest for a full-on "Ghostbusters" outfit complete with an Ecto-Blaster backpack. The push-car modifications also have ramped up in difficulty, but his creative engineer parents, Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith, were up to the task.

The Ecto-1 mini-replica uses the same Step2 push-car base as the DeLorean. The outside is crafted from cardboard boxes, Mexican take-out salsa cups, soda bottles, LEDs, tape, paint, and bits of electronics recycled from a real vehicle. All the important bits are there, including the massive fins, Ghostbusters logo, police lights on top, and shiny grill.

Some of Cooper's accessories came from Etsy seller JezebelRose, who created the felt Proton Pack and Ghost Trap that go along with the outfit.

If a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man shows up in your neighborhood, you know exactly who you're gonna call: Cooper and his parental sidekicks. The little ghost hunter will be well-prepared to face any supernatural threats that might appear this Halloween.

This is all leads me to wonder if I'm too old to request a Tardis push car from my mother to go along with my Tom Baker "Doctor Who" costume. How about it, Mom?

Cooper and Ecto-1
Cooper is ready to swing into action. RottenKitten

(Via AutoBlog)