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Little black box combines Core 2 Duo processing, PCI expansion

Stealth Computer releases new LittlePC, the LPC-450PCI.

Stealth Computer let slip a new LittlePC today, one that combines a Core 2 Duo processor with a PCI expansion slot. The LPC-450PCI is basically a Core 2 Duo version of the single-core LPC-350PCI covered here last year. Both models use the same chassis, which is displayed by Thing (the hand) and features room via a riser card for a PCI expansion card.

Why, thank you Thing. Stealth Computer

With a Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4GB of RAM, an optical drive, and a slew of connections--Ethernet, serial, USB 2.0, FireWire, video, audio--this LittlePC packs in many of the features you would find on a full-size desktop. You'll want to make sure you're buying a LittlePC for some sort of demanding industrial scenario, however, because these custom-built, small-form-factor PCs count among their best customers large commercial and scientific enterprises, militaries, and governments. For small militias, I would recommend they look at an HP Pavilion Slimline. You see, all of Stealth Computer's miniaturization--and accompanying ruggedness and reliability--comes at a price. Carrying a considerable premium, the baseline LPC-450PCI costs $1,450, or nearly 2.5 times as much as the baseline $599 Mac Mini that boasts a faster Core 2 Duo processor and twice the RAM.