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Lite-On lets you mold your own mouse

It's a peripheral you can sculpt into whatever shape you can imagine.

Crave UK

Just when we thought innovation was dead, up pops Lite-On with a genuinely interesting concept. Meet the Moldable Mouse--a peripheral you can sculpt into whatever shape you can imagine.

Instead of you having to contort your hands to the shape of the mouse, the Moldable Mouse conforms to the shape of your hands--great news for lefties and people with superfluous fingers. You simply press it into your preferred shape, then gradually tweak it until it feels like an extension of your hand. Or something rude.

Unlike ordinary mice, which use hard plastics, the Moldable Mouse is made of non-toxic, lightweight clay, covered with nylon and a polyurethane blend fabric. The shape is self-retaining and the entire thing can be printed with a variety of colors or designs to make it even more personal to the user.

Cleverest of all, the selector buttons and touch-sensitive scroll wheel are stick-on parts, which you can position anywhere. These use wireless RFID technology to communicate with the flat base section of the mouse where the circuit board, laser optics and batteries are housed.

Lite-On has yet to announce a release date for the Moldable Mouse, but we can't wait for this thing to hit the market. We'll let you know the minute we know more.

(Source: Crave UK)