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Crazy lip gloss simulates the feel of kissing a cat's nose

Pucker up and get ready to apply the sensation of smooching a cat's nostrils to your lips.

Wearing this is easier than getting your cat to hold still.

Look at that silky little cat nose. So cute. You're tempted to kiss it, but there's that issue of stray cat hairs and cat snot and the fact that kissing it would be a little weird. It's OK. You can get that same feeling without ever putting your lips in contact with an actual cat nose thanks to Japanese retailer Felissimo's new lip gloss.

The lip gloss description translates to "It's like I've just kissed a cat's nose - a pleasantly cool nose," according to RocketNews24.

The lip gloss achieves this unique sensation with a steel rolling-ball applicator. The lip gloss has a kitten-milk scent, which means it smells like milk meant for kittens, not milk from kittens, which would be totally insane.

The lip gloss is made with shea butter and comes in three different colors, but goes on with a transparent look.

Felissimo's cat obsession emerged in previous years with a cat-forehead-scented fabric spray and a pair of cat-attracting jeans. Put them all together and you can finally achieve grandmaster status among crazy cat people.

The lip gloss sells for 1,300 yen ($11, £9, AU$15), but appears to only ship in Japan at the moment. Felissimo does, however, offer global shipping on a lot of its other nutty cat-related products.

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