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Linute: Welcome to the next 24 hours of your social life

Didn't make plans for the night? Fear not. An app making a play on Kickstarter offers up a list of options so even the worst procrastinators can find social joy.

No plans? No problem. Linute will help you do stuff even at the last minute. Linute

Familiar with this scenario? It's Friday and you get out of work earlier than expected. You haven't made plans because you thought you'd be chained to your desk all night. So what do you do? If you have the Linute app -- now raising funds on Kickstarter -- you'd just see what everyone's up to and pick a place to party.

If Linute gets funded, here's how the app will work:

You create an event that's either available to the public, or only to your other friends. Events must take place within 24 hours of being added, after which time they expire, which adds a Snapchat-like element to the app.

If you don't feel like planning your own event, just launch the app and see what's going on in your area. As with planning an event, you can see either what your friends are up to, or browse events open to the public. Linute can be used for nighttime events like parties or dinners, Netflix binge-watching marathons or daytime activities like hikes or volleyball.

Once an event is established, you can add photos and have chats about it, all of which will remain in Linute because even though the events expire in 24 hours, they're not deleted from the system. Events are shown in a pleasing, visual timeline format.

The concept is pretty simple, but it seems like it could fill a needed gap in the social space by serving our increasingly last-minute-oriented society with options for getting together whenever free time opens up.

The team behind Linute has built a working prototype of the app but say they're seeking a total of $21,500 to bring it to market for both iOS and Android. A pledge of $1 (about 67 pence, AU$1.27) is all it takes to get the app when it's ready, which the makers say will be in May. Meanwhile, $20 (about £13, AU$25) will allow you to become a beta tester before that.