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Linksys debuts a Draft N router for gamers

The Linksys WRT330N router brings high throughput.


At the CES 2007 Pepcom event tonight, Linksys unveiled the first Draft N router that we've seen optimized for gamers. The WRT330N combines Linksys' Draft N technology with four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and one Gigabeat Ethernet WAN port. In addition, its Quality of Service implementation prioritizes gaming packets for smoother play. It supports PC and game consoles, online gaming, online multiplayer role-playing games and online head-to-head gaming. The QoS implementation can also improve VoIP and Web cam performance. Even the exterior, with its sleek black design, should appeal to gamers.

Security features include WPA2, WPA, and WEP; an SPI firewall; and a VPN pass-through. It can also serve as a DHCP server.

As far as performance goes, we have no doubt that this will be fast, but check out our reviews of other Draft N routers. It's a familiar song, so if you know it, sing along with us: While we've seen fast throughput from the Draft N routers, they don't live up to the much-hyped theoretical speeds of the N spec--not even close. If you have to have the fastest gear now, it's likely that most of the currently available Draft N products can be made compliant with the final spec with a simple firmware upgrade, so go for it. If you don't want to take that risk or pay through the nose (this router costs about $200), be patient and wait to see if the final spec results in better performance.