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LinkedIn making app to help job seekers on the go

Business-networking giant says it's helping a large and growing number of people who are using their mobile phones to search for a job.


Despite a falling unemployment rate, the US job market remains harsh. LinkedIn's new app aims to help.

The social network for professionals is releasing a new app to help job seekers more easily find a job, and quickly apply as well. The new app, called LinkedIn Job Search, is built to allow users to create searches that will notify them on their phone's home screen about relevant jobs, and allow them to apply while standing in line for coffee.

"We wanted to make it easier to find, research, and apply for your next opportunity by maximizing your 'in between' moments," the company said in a blog post announcing the new app.

The move follows a growing trend in the tech industry of creating special-purpose apps to help customers access specific services from a company.

Facebook earlier this week released Slingshot, a new messaging app that is the latest in a growing list of specially tailored programs from the social network. Facebook also offers apps for managing pages and another that can help users find news stories. Google as well has released various apps for messaging, editing documents, reading email, and making phone calls.

LinkedIn for its part said it chose to create the app in part because it noticed more than 40 percent of its users look at jobs using their mobile devices.

The app is also built with discretion in mind, LinkedIn said, noting that it wants to help users search for a new job even when they're working at their current job. To that end, the company said, everything a user does with the job search app will be completely private, and not shared on the site.