Line up for PlayStation 3, get shot?

While waiting outside a Wal-Mart around 3:15 a.m. in Connecticut, man is shot by one of two armed men demanding money.

A man was shot early on Friday morning outside a Wal-Mart store in Connecticut while waiting to buy a new Sony Playstation 3, state police said.

He was one of 15 to 20 people lined up outside the store when confronted by two armed men who demanded money at around 3:15 a.m., Lt. J. Paul Vance said in a press release.

Police said the victim had confronted the armed suspects and was shot. He was treated at the scene and transported to the University of Massachusetts Medical Center across the state line.

Police were searching for the two suspects.

Gamers were lined up by the thousands across the United States and Canada early on Friday, aiming to be among the first in North America to buy the PS3, the coveted multimedia and video game machine considered key to the future of the beleaguered electronics and media conglomerate.