Limited Edition Tony Hawk T-Mobile Sidekick LX hitting the streets

T-Mobile and professional skateboarder Tony Hawk team up to release a T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition.

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T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition
T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition T-Mobile

What do Dwyane Wade, Diane von Furstenberg, and LRG have in common? Give up? They all have their own special edition T-Mobile Sidekick model, and now you can add professional skateboarder Tony Hawk to that list. Today, T-Mobile and Hawk introduced the T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition, which not only boasts new design elements but also new features.

Hawk, who says he's been a "loyal Sidekick user since the first model" had a hand in designing the special edition model and builds off the Sidekick LX with a slate gray shell, blue-and-white accents, and the skater's signature hawk graphic. In addition, the back of the handset has a texture that simulates the grip tape found on top of a skateboard deck. Other Hawk influences include an exclusive video of him performing skate tricks and skating sound effects for when you open and close the swivel screen.

The Tony Hawk Sidekick LX will also be the first Sidekick to ship with video recording, playback, and sharing capabilities, plus stereo Bluetooth support and more personalization options. Now, all you current Sidekick LX owners, don't get all in a huff. T-Mobile will release an over-the-air update later this summer to provide you with the same functionalities. The T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition will be available in stores and online some time in July. Current Sidekick customers will get first dibs and you can preregister for the device on the Sidekick Web site. Pricing has not been finalized at this time.