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Rapper Lil' Wayne says pour champagne on your Samsung phone

Technically Incorrect: In new ads featuring the hip-hop artist and Wesley Snipes, Samsung pushes the virtues of its VR and new water-resistant phones.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Do try this at home.

Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I adore those ads that declare in tiny print: "Do not attempt."

They might as well say: "This ad's fun. You know you want to try this at home."

Samsung, however, wants to rise above all that. It wants you to do all sorts of things with its products and it's going to give you an example.

In ads released on Friday to support the launch of its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones, Samsung has co-opted rapper Lil' Wayne to bring a little daring.

In one ad, he's sitting with his friends when he decides to pour champagne all over his Galaxy S7 Edge. That's what rappers are supposed to do, right? At least in ads.

Not content with that, he then dips the phone in his fish tank. This isn't vandalism. This is pride. The new Samsung phones are water-resistant and, presumably, champagne-resistant too.

One of his friends -- Max -- doesn't grasp that Samsung is so special. He appears, you see, to have an iPhone. He starts to pour champagne over his phone. Sparks fly.

"Your phone can't do that, Max" cautions Lil' Wayne, a lil' too late.

In another ad, Wayne is totally immersed in everything Samsung. He's got the Galaxy Gear watch. He's also got the Galaxy Gear VR, which sends him into another galaxy -- one in which he's canoeing with Wesley Snipes.

This is slightly odd, as Snipes is actually sitting opposite him in a chair. Welcome to the future.

The final ad shows Wayne delivering a baby elephant. I'll leave you to enjoy the rest.

As Samsung's phones have got better, its marketing has become oddly more recessive. Somehow, the quality of the phones hasn't been reflected in any recent memorable ads.

At this year's Oscars, for example, the company released an ad with slightly B-list stars (including Lil' Wayne). It came and went. This was in stark contrast with its 2014 Oscars selfie stunt that featured seemingly every single A-list actor in Hollywood.

These new ads are great fun, and Samsung must hope a cult is created around them. The brand's been a touch moribund of late and Apple's biggest competitor needs to get as much emotional uplift as it can.

Preferably not the sort of emotional uplift that sees its VR users being ruled by his Highness the Emperor Zuckerberg.