Like the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer? Put a ring on it

This trio of "Star Wars" rings bring you to a galaxy far, far away -- or just bump up your nerd cred. But can you resist the temptation to join the Dark Side by buying all three?

This trio of "Star Wars" rings is great for the office or intergalactic cantina. ThinkGeek

One of my favorite things about the trailer for the upcoming " Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie is the rolling soccer-ball-esque droid. Since droids that roll all over the place can't actually be purchased yet, this trio of officially licensed rings from ThinkGeek might just be the next best thing for the "Star Wars" fan fan this holiday season.

The set includes two spinner rings, with one ring rotating freely around the outer band so you can spin it when you're bored or want to impress Jedi or whatever. One of these rings simply says "Star Wars" in the traditional "Star Wars" font, while the other displays the customary opening line "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." The final ring in the series, which doesn't rotate, features interlaced logos of the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance depicting an everlasting struggle between good and evil, light and dark.

Each ring comes in size 8, 10 and 12, and with prices ranging from $19.99 (about £12.71, AU$23.56) to $29.99 (about £19.06, AU$35.34), depending on the style of ring you prefer. So if you, like Princess Leia, happen to like...nice men who also happen to be "Star Wars" fans, these are the rings you're looking for.

(Via Fashionably Geek)