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Like stroking beards? Find furry faces with the Bristlr app

Having Movember withdrawals? Fancy facial hair? Bristlr app wants to connect bearded men to those attracted to them.

Go for goatees? Bristlr wants to help make hairy connections. Bristlr

You don't need a beard to know that everyone from Gandalf to Yosemite Sam gets a certain boost in gravitas from facial hair. Just look at Zeus, Poseidon, John Lennon, Che Guevara and Santa and the legendary beards that make them historical icons.

Now, thanks to a new app called Bristlr, you can find your own manly man with a beard to appreciate in real life. Bristlr is a social network devoted to connecting people with beards to those who "want to stroke" them.

This isn't exactly a typical dating app. The whole point of Bristlr isn't necessarily to hook up but to "have a nice chat and share a mutual admiration of a beard or two," according to Bristlr's site.

Much like Tinder, Bristlr works like a networking site for folks who want to meet up with bearded men and those who appreciate facial hair.

Just make a profile and state if you have a beard or are just looking for a bearded individual to spend time with. If both parties heart each other, they can touch base through messaging. The app also has a beard-rating option so you can discover how one beard compares with others.

Bristlr was created by UK-based John Kershaw who originally "came up with the idea as a joke," according to the website. But the app is indeed a real network. Currently, Bristlr is open in beta.