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Like, no kidding: Baby named after Facebook 'Like'

Israeli family gives thumbs-up to new daughter, Like Adler. They promise the name isn't part of any marketing gimmick.

Facebook is apparently spawning an epidemic of child cruelty at the hands of their own parents--we now have our second report of the inspiration for a newborn's name being drawn from Mark Zuckerberg's own baby. First there was the Egyptian infant who was named "Facebook," and now an Israeli child faces enduring adolescence with the name "Like." Yes, that Like, as in the little hand with the thumbs-up, constantly approving of photos of your niece, your drunken co-workers at happy hour, and of course, this story.

Like is the latest addition to the family of Lior and Vardit Adler. Father Lior says he was simply looking for a unique name and had considered some Chinese names, but settled on Like because, well, his wife liked the sound of it.

He says the name isn't part of any marketing gimmick and he hasn't been paid by anyone from Silicon Valley. In fact, he's not even that big of a Facebook fan, with less than 150 friends. Regardless, I'm clicking my Mazel tov! icon in honor of Like Adler.

(Via Huffington Post)