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Lik-Sang now sunk

The popular game import site lik-sang.com has just gone out of business

According to a notice on its site, the import game company Lik-Sang has gone out of business. The reason? It was sued into oblivion by Sony, apparently. Sony brought lawsuits against the company for infringing Sony's "trademarks, copyright and registered design rights by selling Sony PSP consoles from Asia to European customers." This comes shortly after Sony's controversial announcement that they'll use all legal means available to them to prevent the import of PS3s to Europe.

Before it closed down, Lik-Sang was one of the top online stores for importing Japanese games and gaming consoles. Though its prices were at a premium, often up to 50 percent over suggested retail price, it was one of the first sites to sell the black Nintendo DS Lite in America, and offered the original Japanese versions of highly-anticipated games such as Final Fantasy XII and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl weeks and months before their planned U.S. release date.