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Life's meaning? Project crowdsources the big question

Hollywood production team turns to Indiegogo for funds and inspiration to answer the central question that plagues so many of us.

A Hollywood production team is turning to the crowd to find the meaning of life.
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Marc Erlbaum has produced a movie starring Will Ferrell, and now he's ready for a little more heady project -- crowdsourcing the search for the meaning of life.

Erlbaum and his company, Nationlight Productions, were part of the team behind the acclaimed 2010 Ferrell flick "Everything Must Go," but for their latest project, they're turning to crowd-funding site Indiegogo and the whole of humanity rather than just Hollywood. While Erlbaum's team plans to make a documentary of their search for the meaning of life, that's not the main product Nationlight is looking to create through the campaign. Instead, here's how they describe the goal:

The point of this campaign is not to promote any specific creed or theory, but rather to create a web-network at www.lifemeanswhat.com where a team of artists and leaders will produce and curate amazing short web content that will explore meaning and purpose in life from a diverse array of perspectives.

Lifemeanswhat.com isn't live yet, but based on Erlbaum's description, I'm imagining a heady sort of YouTube video portal, sans all the cats -- unless of course those cats are particularly versed in the works of Sartre and other existential thinkers, or maybe have acclaimed artistic abilities like those belonging to my Crave colleague Amanda Kooser.

With or without felines, a fair amount of people seem interested in contributing to such a project, with more than half of the $150,000 fundraising goal already committed through Indiegogo, and 56,000 fans on the company's Facebook page.

Erlbaum and team have already begun the project in earnest, with some sample and promotional videos and interviews posted with philosophers, media types, activists, and ordinary people on the street. You can also buy your way into the project by pledging $10,000 and earning yourself a producer credit as well as an interview on the meaning of life.

While I don't have the 10k, I'm sure myself and other CNET bloggers would have more than enough to say on the topic -- unfortunately, it mostly has to do with cats. Check out the project trailer below for more info.