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Life-size model of 'Star Wars' TIE Fighter seeks rebel scum

Superfans unite to create a stunning 1.4-ton model of Darth Vader's personal TIE Fighter that will land at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Europe fan convention.

A person wearing a TIE Fighter pilot costume stands near the epic TIE Advanced x1.
Project X1

In "Star Wars," Darth Vader attempted to defend the first Death Star with a modified TIE Fighter known as the TIE Advanced x1. After thousands of hours of hard work, a team of German "Star Wars" fans, calling themselves Project X1, have completed a 2:1 scale model of Vader's personal spaceship.

Based on plans designed by architect Markus Sammann, and using materials such as steel, plastic, and wood, a group of 20 people spent two years creating the 1.43-ton homage. The dimensions of the TIE Advanced x1 mockup -- at 17 feet wide by 14.1 feet high by 15.7 feet long -- would likely amaze any onlooker and certainly arouse any fan of the Empire. Project X1 notes the build is dedicated to "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, the 501st Legion, and fans of the sci-fi saga.

A closer look at the TIE Advanced x1. Project X1

As expected, building a model of this size stretches the wallet beyond comprehension. In fact, the group's sponsors spent nearly $18,600 on the project. The hybrid steel and aluminum frame alone cost nearly $8,000, while the plastic cockpit ball ran a little over $2,500.

On July 26, Project X1 will show off the massive TIE Advanced x1 to crowds attending the Star Wars Celebration Europe convention in Messe Essen, Germany. See more angles of the TIE Advanced x1 in a German language video courtesy of