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Life-size Iron Man figure will watch over you for $8,500

The closest you can get to having Tony Stark move in with you is this full-size Iron Man figure that stands over 7 feet tall.

Iron Man full-size armor
It's as tall as Tony Stark.
Sideshow Collectibles

You could spend a lot of time and energy fashioning your own Iron Man armor, or you could just throw $8,500 over to Sideshow Collectibles and pick up a full-size suit right off the shelf.

The Tony Stark-size figure is a reproduction of the Iron Man Mark 42 suit from the upcoming "Iron Man 3." It's more than 7 feet tall and is painted with high-gloss automotive paint to give it that Iron Man shine. That's not all, of course. For your investment, you'll also get to enjoy LED light-up eyes, arc reactor, palms, and display base. That makes it a very expensive, but very cool, lamp.

You'll want to be absolutely certain that you truly wish to own a full-size Iron Man before putting in your preorder. It requires a non-refundable $1,700 deposit due on ordering. Don't forget to figure in for the $500 flat-rate shipping fee, which will be so totally worth it when your neighbors see you unboxing Iron Man on your front porch.

Just like the Iron Man suits from the movies, some assembly is required. You will receive the massive figure in three different cartons. Unfortunately, it won't snap together automatically like it does on film.

The Mark 42 suit is pretty much a massive collectible figurine and isn't actually wearable. Still, you'll have one awesome superhero hanging out in your home, scaring off potential thieves.

(Via Fashionably Geek)