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Life-size Darth Vader action figure based on vintage toy

Your living room will go to the Dark Side should you choose to invest in an ominous full-size figure of Darth Vader, minus the ability to strangle you from afar.

Life-size Darth Vader
It's a huggable Darth Vader action figure. Gentle Giant

Having a life-size Darth Vader figure standing around staring at them might make some people a little nervous. Others will embrace the Dark Side and jump at the chance to have their fearless leader always present, standing in the corner of the living room, keeping the house cats in line. If that describes you, then get ready to blow $2,600 on Gentle Giant's Darth Vader life-size vintage monument.

Inspired by a vintage Kenner action figure, big Vader is nearly 7 feet tall. You'd want to draft him for your "Star Wars"-themed basketball league, if only he were real. According to Gentle Giant, the monster was "digitally scanned from an authentic mint-condition 3.75 action figure." In keeping with the original design of the smaller figure, the jumbo Vader comes with a telescoping lightsaber and a vinyl cape.

What you really want to know is if his limbs move like an action figure. The answer is "yes," though, like the original, he's not fully articulated. Pose him, have him threaten you with his lightsaber, let him crush your tiny Jedi action figures beneath his might.

Gentle Giant's giant Vader will be available in early 2015, giving you time to save up if you absolutely must have one. Domestic US shipping is included in the price, though it probably won't be delivered by Death Star.

Toy Worth estimates the cost of an original 1978 Kenner Darth Vader action figure to be $850, if still in the packaging. The $2,600 price tag for the full-size version is pretty good when you consider the costs of a life-size Iron Throne ($30,000) or a supremely awesome life-size Han Solo in carbonite ($7,000). In an ideal world, you would own all three so Darth Vader could sit on the Iron Throne and admire preserved Han Solo.

(Via Nerd Approved)