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Life-size Dalek wedding cakes exterminate your diet

A wedding party escaped extermination at the plungers of two massive Dalek cakes, instead battling them into delicious surrender.

Dalek wedding cakes
Celebrate! Officiate! Exterminate!
Dinkeydoodle Designs

A recent "Doctor Who"-themed wedding rocked what may be two of the most impressive wedding cakes ever created: matching bride-and-groom life-size Daleks. These weren't just structures with a little cake on top. They were all cake, with circular boards and small wood poles to maintain structural integrity.

The impressive cakes are the work of Dinkeydoodle Designs by Dawn Butler, a specialty cake maker in England. It took Butler and a team of three assistants a week of constant work to make the cakes. The groom's Dalek cake alone is made from 24 layers of vanilla cake.

The Dalek wedding invasion was short-lived. One cake was for eating during the celebration, while the other was for promotion. Butler tweeted a photo showing the near-complete destruction of the promotional cake, though it's uncertain if it was due to accident or sabotage. It's an unrecognizable mess of frosting and crumbs, proving, once again, that Dalek plans will always ultimately be foiled.

Perhaps it's time to organize an epic cake battle between the Dalek cakes, Borg cube cake, and Stormtrooper cake. They can duke it out over dominion of the Jupiter cake. Then, a pack of hungry sci-fi fans can descend upon them and nosh them into oblivion, once again saving the universe.

Dalek cakes at wedding
Note the Dalek ice sculpture on the table. Dinkeydoodle Designs

(Via That's Nerdalicious)