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Life from a cat's-eye view

Pet owner creates CatCam, a camera mounted on his cat's collar that takes shots every few minutes.

Ever wonder what your cat is up to after she wanders out into the garden? Well, Jurgen Perthold of Germany did. So he cobbled together a small camera, set it to take a photo every few minutes, attached it to his cat's collar and sent him on his way.

That's the genesis of Mr. Lee CatCam. The site features wonderful, atmospheric photographs taken from Mr. Lee's outings, including views from under cars, under bushes and up close and personal with other cats, views most humans don't get.

The site describes the technology behind the CatCam and also offers the CatCam for sale (about $45).

There's also a page for other CatCam users (or rather, their owners) to post their CatCam photos, and I must say I liked "Jacquie's" shots very much. Clicking through to the whole Jacquievision set on Picasa shows that not all of the shots are necessarily Web-worthy; many are, as expected, black, repeats or just blandly random. But seeing the (presumably) unedited series of shots is actually rather fascinating. Check it out.

Maybe I should start a JezebelCam for my adventurous orange tabby.