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LG's phone concept, complete with alien powers

Phone design is pretty enough (including the green lights) but not groundbreaking.


Everyone seems to be jumping into touchscreens after the huge success of the iPhone, as seen in the HTC Touch and Nokia's Series60 touchscreen version. And now it seems that LG's in on it too.

The picture here shows a concept design of the LG Touch, a mobile phone and PDA with an equally cool docking station. Like the Prada phone from the same company, this concept handset has no noticeable protrusions, which makes it look like a small monolith. It has a secondary LCD along its top edge that displays essential information like new message alerts. The docking station not only lets you sync and charge, but also displays a virtual keyboard for data entry.

For some reason, this concept device has green lights running around the handset. Even the wires on the headset is not spared from the neon invasion. It's as if Kryptonite has been pumped into the handset for power--Superman should steer clear and go for a Samsung instead. All in all, it's a very pretty concept, though we don't see anything really useful or groundbreaking about the ideas. As Apple has clearly shown, anyone can make something look good, but interface design is the killer app.

(Source: Crave Asia)