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LG's 60-inch THX plasma brings accurate color

CNET reviews the LG 60PG60, a 60-inch plasma with a THX mode that delivers superb primary and secondary color accuracy.

The LG 60PG60 is the largest THX Display Certified HDTV this year. CNET

Judging from our two previous reviews of THX Display Certified HDTVs, the Panasonic TH-50PX800U and the LG 50PG60, the certification gets at least one thing right: primary and secondary color accuracy. Our recent review of LG's best 60-inch plasma, the 60PG60, finds that those color points are still dang accurate, regardless of size.

The 60-inch LG performed almost the same as its 50-inch brother, and we expect similarities between the 50-inch Panasonic and its 58-inch bro, due to grace our labs soon, according to the company's representatives. We still think LG has some work to do though, especially in the black-level department, but that doesn't stop the 60-inch monster from producing one of the best huge-screen images we've tested this year.

Read the full review of the LG 60PG60

Note: Longtime readers of my reviews have come to expect them to be accompanied by picture settings that enable viewers to set up their TVs as I did for the review. Unfortunately, I'm unable to publish those settings to the review itself at the moment, so you'll find them reproduced below instead.

The LG 60PG60 doesn't allow modification of its THX Cinema picture mode, and in general we found that that mode delivered the best overall picture quality. However, we did calibrate the TV using the Expert picture mode, which does result in improved grayscale accuracy and color decoding, at the expense of accurate primary colors. The settings below represent our best calibration in a non-THX mode, using a 1080p, film-based source. As always, your settings may very depending on source, room conditions and personal preference. Check out the Picture settings and calibration FAQ for more information.

Picture menu
Aspect Ratio: Just Scan
Picture Mode: Expert 1
Contrast: 76
Brightness: 56
Sharpness: 0
Color: 54
Tint: 0

Expert control menu
Fresh contrast: Off
Noise reduction: Off
Gamma: High
Black level: Low
Film Mode: On
Color Standard: [grayed out]
White balance: Warm
Method: 10 point IRE

10 point IRE calibration
IRE: [Red, Green, Blue results, respectively, for each IRE point]
100 [1, 11, -13]
90 [9, 27, 0]
80 [4, 6, -1]
70 [-5, -9, 0]
60 [0, -1, 5]
50 [-8, -15, 0]
40 [-5, -13, 0]
30 [4, -5, 7]
20 [3, -6, 6]
10 [2, -4, 5]

Color management system
Red color: 18
Red tint: -18
Green color: 30
Green tint: -30
Blue color: 0
Blue tint: 14
Yellow color: 6
Yellow tint: 2
Cyan color: -3
Cyan tint: 4
Magenta color: 30
Magenta tint: 3