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LG, VW: Weirdest cross-branding ever?

LG is skinning its lovely new FM37 player in the same colors as Volkswagen skins its new line of Beetles

Crave UK

One minute you're reviewing a shiny new silver MP3 player. The next, you're staring at the thing in a bright red version. At least this was the case with LG, since it's skinning its lovely new FM37 player in the same colors as Volkswagen skins its new line of Beetles. That's right: a bright red, a sickly yellow and a "shadow" blue. There's VW branding on the face of the player, and a "New Beetle" car logo on the back.

The New Beetle FM37 has the same specs as the standard silver model (2GB/4GB, touch-screen, MP3/WMA/OGG, MPEG-4 video, 20-hour battery life), but the word on the street is it'll have navigational appearance tweaks to make it more aesthetically similar to the Beetle. We're guessing it'll be about as appealing as the U2 iPod (basically, not appealing). It's not as if you can realistically expect some pre-loaded Volkswagen-related media to ship with the player, other than maybe a video advert for the Beetle or an MP3 recording of the engine.

While we're all for special editions in principle, we're just not too taken with this idea. Although anything's probably better than a "Zune: Reliant Robin Edition," which would be the worst idea since Richard Hammond said, "Hey Jeremy, how about I do a feature on drag racers?"

There's no mention of a commercial release date yet, but so far this model has only been displayed at a trade show, with confirmation of widespread availability being scarce. We'll keep you posted.

(Source: Crave UK)