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LG mocks Apple's bent iPhone (but uses an iPhone to send its tweet)

LG's French arm offers Twittered amusement at Apple's "Bendgate," because its own GFlex phone is ready-bent. But TweetDeck says the tweet was sent from an iPhone.

If you're going to mock the iPhone, perhaps it's best not to send your mockery from an iPhone. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The mere idea that Apple is imperfect is too perfect for rivals to resist.

The minute the company falls into a sales hole, or merely down a PR ravine, competitors snigger without even covering their mouths.

LG, for one, couldn't help but smirk at the iPhone 6 Plus allegedly being bendable in tight pants pockets. After all, the company makes the GFlex, a phone that is ready-bent.

It was irresistible, therefore, not to at least send a tweet. LG's French arm did just that yesterday (see above image -- the tweet itself seems to have mysteriously disappeared). The message: "Our phones don't bend, they're naturally curved :) #bendgate."

There may well have been guffaws echoing across France and beyond. The Daily Dot, though, happened to see this tweet via TweetDeck. This quaint Twitter client lets you know how the tweet was sent.

In this case, it was sent from "Twitter for iPhone." (Again, see the image above, and note the time stamp below the phones.)

Ah. Apologists will note that surely this was sent by a social-media team and not by in-house LG staff. The less forgiving will suggest that even if it's an outside agency, they should pay attention before embarrassing their client.

It isn't as if every LG office made the mistake. The UK arm, for example, sent its own tweeted Bendgate joke earlier in the week. My TweetDeck tells me it was sent from the Twitter Web client. LG USA also emitted tweeted smirks, but also used the Web client.

I have no information as to whether both these tweets were actually sent from a Mac.

In the French example, there's no suggestion (or, at least, information) that the tweet was sent from an iPhone 6.

Still, I suspect there might be one or two bosses at LG in France who may bend the ears of those who sent the tweet.