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LG has giant TVs too

LG has both a 100-inch LCD and a 102-inch plasma at CES

100-inch LCD
100-inch LCD
CNET Networks

Plenty of attention has been paid to Sharp's 108-inch LCD, but once you get to 100-inches, is anyone still counting? LG can play the size game too and we saw some whoppers at CES. Coming just in at just 8-inches too short for the LCD crown was LG's 100-inch LCD. We knocked Sharp's behemoth for its picture quality, but to be fair, the LG actually looked a little worse. Luckily for LG, it seems like its set was only a demo unit, unlike Sharp who will actually be selling its TV to consumers eventually.

102-inch plasma
102-inch plasma CNET Networks

We also saw LG's 102-inch plasma set, which isn't new, but is still one of the largest TVs. LG hasn't announced that you'll actually be able to buy that set either, so its almost certainly just a demo unit. What you will be able to buy is their 71-inch plasma, the 71PY1M. Although this set isn't new, it does have a new price--$15,000. LG mentions in their press release that the new price is an 80% decrease from its introductory price, but we still don't expect many people to be lining up for the 71PY1M.