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LG FM37: MP3 doesn't come much slicker

It's a gloriously shinetastic piece of kit

Crave UK

LG greased up the mobile phone slide earlier this year and threw the fashion victims down it with the Shine. It's a gloriously shinetastic piece of kit, and now LG has done the same thing for the MP3 market with the FM37--a super-stylish, metallic MP3 player with a touch-screen interface.

The FM37 looks like the voluptuous love child of the Shine and the iRiver Clix, with its epicurean good looks and its charming interface. It's also got some great features, such as MPEG-4 video playback and support for the delightful open-source OGG format of music compression.

Under the hood there's only 2GB of storage, so at 130 pounds (about $260) you're clearly paying a premium for the aesthetics and the integration of touchscreen technology. This may well not be everyone's cup of tea because it takes some getting used to and is nowhere near as instantly usable as the iPod's Click Wheel or a simple four-way button system.

That said, this is a hella-stylish player and will appeal to posers and geeks alike, not to mention poser-geeks--they'll love it like Mario loves the Princess. We're reviewing it right now so expect a full write-up here on CNET soon.

(Source: Crave UK)