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LG finds more to life than black and silver

"Titanium Black" is hoped to be the best of both worlds.


If it seems that most mobile phones are either silver or black, there's good reason: Most are silver or black. Then there's LG, which is trying to split the difference between the two with a new finish called "Titanium Black."

Perhaps the company thought its designers had taken the name of its "Shine" line too literally and wanted to tone it down a bit. LG says the metallic-gray casing is "edgier than black and more chic than silver," according to Luxurylaunches, so it will provide "the best of both looks and will allow both men and women to shine." That's not exactly what lept to mind when we saw it, but we like the change anyway. (No offense to the Raider Nation; we don't want to get on their bad side, for obvious reasons.)

Aside from the color it has the same features as the original Shine, including a 2-megapixel Schneider Kreuznach camera, MP3 player and scroll wheel. The good news is that it's scheduled for release at the end of this month; the bad news is that it'll be in Europe. Crave will just have to scheduled a trip to Paris to pick one up. If only the Concorde were still flying.