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LG EnV2 on the way?

Verizon/LG leaks pics of the new LG VX9100

LG VX9100 from the front

We once thought the LG Voyager (which won an Editors' Choice, by the way) was the successor to the much-beloved LG enV, since both of them sported a flip-out QWERTY keyboard. But it seems like we may be wrong--the LG VX9100, which may be dubbed the LG enV2, looks to be the true successor to the LG enV. Indeed, the VX9100 (or enV2) has that same candy bar look when the phone is closed and doesn't have the fancy touch-screen display like the Voyager. Engadget Mobile shows off a few pics of a black and maroon version, and we have to say we really like the closed candybar design.

LG VX9100 flipped open Engadget

We have to say though, that the naming convention seems to be a bit backward. The original LG enV was the VX9900, and so it just made sense that the Voyager VX10000 was the follow-up. We're thinking that maybe the LG VX9100 is more of a slimmed-down little brother to the original enV rather than a real "successor." Guess we'll have to wait and see what else the VX9100 has to offer before we make our conclusions.